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National Alumni Federation Election 2018 Notice

Candidate Qualification Changes – Effective July 1, 2016


This article is to inform individuals who plan to campaign for Federation officer positions in the upcoming 2018 election of the following Bylaws and Articles changes ratified in the 2016 election:

1.       Candidate qualification requirements for Southern University Alumni Federation officer positions became effective July 1, 2016 when Section 2, Article VIII of the Bylaws was approved.

It provides that “any officer of the Federation shall be a Life member and a regular member of a local chapter unless a local chapter does not exist in the area where the officer maintains residence.”


2.       All candidates must meet the following:

·       LIFE MEMBERSHIP.  A candidate must be a Life Member paid in full at the $500 or enhanced levels (Ruby, Sapphire, or Diamond).  An individual subscribing for Life Membership who has not fully paid the two-year installments by December 31, 2017 will not qualify.

·       CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP.  A candidate must be a financial member of a local chapter by December 31, 2017 / otherwise, the candidate will not qualify.  Note the exception relating to residence.

·       ANNUAL LIFE MEMBER MAINTENANCE FEE.  A candidate must be current as of December 31, 2017.


3.       Notice of Intent.  Any candidate must specify the officer position he/she is seeking.  The candidate must also submit in MS-Word format a single page biography and a statement explaining why he or she is campaigning for the officer position, and a passport format picture not later than February 1, 2018.  Mail and email to:

Southern University Alumni Federation

Post Office Box 9746

Baton Rouge, LA 70813-9746

ATTN:  Linda Veal/Chair, Nominations and Election Committee



4.       Campaign Guidelines. Candidates vying for national officer positions cannot use the following restricted Federation  sites:

·       Southern University Alumni Federation communications unless candidate obtains written approval from the Nominations and Election Committee Chair and purchases campaign advertisement space in News and Notes.

·       Mass mailings or e-mails from the Office of Alumni Affairs or Alumni Federation.

·       Official Alumni Affairs or Alumni Federation Social Media including, but not limited to Face book, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, GroupMe, Google Hangouts, Google Plus

·       Tagging on Southern University Alumni Federation platforms including &

·       Southern University System platforms including,,,

Campaign Advertisement.  A candidate can purchase campaign advertisement space in Federation’s News and Notes emailed weekly to approximately 50,000 alums and supporters.  Campaign advertisement space can be purchased for weekly publication from the Alumni office, please contact: 


Khadijah Thompson at 225.771.4200, ext. 3,

E-mail to





Linda Veal, Chairperson

Nominations and Election Committee

 Southern University Alumni Federation

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