Qualified Candidate Ad Guidelines
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Southern University Alumni Federation

2018 Nomination and Election Committee’s

Specific Campaign Guidelines


2018 Specific Campaign Guidelines for Qualified Candidates


Advertisement – Federation Media

                     Candidates shall focus only on solicitation of voters and the encouragement of Federation Membership prior to balloting.

                     Candidates’ ads shall not directly or indirectly constitute personal attacks on any other candidate, nor past or present officer of the Federation.

                     Access to the membership database is prohibited.

                     Responses to candidates will be same as submission method (email).  Email and electronic notification is the preferred process. 

                     Ads placement will be based on time stamped payment receipts as received by the Office of Alumni Affairs.


Candidates vying for national officer positions cannot use the following restricted Federation sites:

                     Southern University Alumni Federation communications unless candidate first obtains written approval from the Chair, Nomination and Election Committee and purchases campaign advertisement space in News and Note.

                     Mass mailings or e-mails from the Office of Alumni Affairs or Alumni Federation.


Official Alumni Affairs or Alumni Federation Social Media including, but not limited to Face book, Twitter, InstaGram, LinkedIn, GroupMe, Google Hangouts, Google Plus

                     Tagging on Southern University Alumni Federation platforms including &

                     Southern University System platforms including,,,


Campaign Advertisement 

A candidate can purchase campaign advertisement space in Federation’s weekly News and Notes emailed weekly reaching approximately over 50,000 alums and supporters.


Campaign advertisement space can be purchased for weekly publication.

Contact Khadijah Thompson at 225.771.4200, ext. 3,

E-mail to





Linda Veal, Nomination and Election Chair

Southern University Alumni Federation



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