SUAF Alumni Awards - Individual Nominations
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Distinguished Alumni Award (Circle of Achievement)

The Distinguished Alumni Award is bestowed upon a graduate of Southern University who has brought distinction to Southern because of vocation or avocation, community involvement, or other professional or personal achievements, and who has demonstrated an interest in the welfare of the school.  

Individual Nominations

Please provide a brief detailed description of your nominee and state clearly why he/she should be recognized for his/her contribution to Southern University and the community. Your description should be clear and concise to the voters. Include the following in this order:  Nominee Name, Year the Nominee Attended or Graduated from Southern University, Work Professional Title, E-mail address/contact information, and brief statement.

  • Education: Professors, Researchers, Educators, Education Professionals, Religious leaders, and S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Professionals ▪ Veteran teacher minimum 6 years ▪ Significant educational impact on students, school, or community ▪ Received recognition from school/community/organization ▪ Peer Reviewed Research and publications
  • Business: Senior Management, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Entrepreneurs ▪ Leadership in promoting diversity ▪ Creating opportunities for HBCU Alumni/graduates ▪ Business leader who has provided a positive social or community impact ▪ Minimum 6 years in their business field
  • Public Policy: Legislative Leadership of Private and Public Sector, Policymakers, Military, Government Officials, Council and Board Members, Jurisdictional Leaders ▪ Leader who has made outstanding contributions in advancing public policy that serves the interest of underserved communities ▪ Leadership in promoting diversity in government ▪ Minimum 6 years in in field of public policy
  • Heath Care and Medicine:  Health care professionals, Nurses, Medical Researchers.  A person who has used their profession to advance awareness of health issues impacting communities. Leadership in conducting medical researcher and patient care that exemplifies role model behavior.
  • Media/Communications: Print and Media Professionals and Journalists in Radio, Television, Social Media, Print Publications ▪ A person who used their platform for social awareness ▪ Minimum 6 years in media/communications field ▪ Leadership in promoting diversity in the media and communications arena ▪ Notable achievements and/or note-worthy successes in media/communications
  • Sports and Entertainment:  Sports’ professional, musicians, and entertainers.  Leader who has provided a positive social or community impact. Role model behavior
  • Community Involvement: Community programming for citizens and/or youth, and volunteerism ▪ Consistent outreach and service to disadvantaged and underserved members of the community ▪ Involvement in multiple facets of community development (e.g., health, social justice) ▪ Minimum of 6 years of community involvement
  • Young Alumni: A recent graduate with notable career achievements and/or community service ▪ Recent graduate (5 years or less) of Southern University ▪ Significant contributions to Southern ▪ Significant contributions to their alumni chapter ▪ notable career achievements and/or community service


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